What We Do

More people have access to smartphones than cars, so why are so many political events staged in hard to reach places at inopportune times?

At PeopleSourced Policy, much of our work is centered around mobile technology, supplemented with in-person events and engagement opportunities. We strive to make politics easy, accessible and equitable.

We want to help you make your voice heard. We do this in two different ways.
The first is via crowdsourcing public policy solutions. We have developed an online community engagement platform that uses Google’s Civic Engagement API to geoplot participants with their locally-elected officials. We are also developing state-wide and regional platforms to better engage these communities on issues and topics of great impact.
Our second method is by gamifying policy to make it more approachable. With Glasshouse Policy- our sister organization in Austin, TX- we have developed policy games around transit development, city planning, and community budgeting. We use these in local communities to educate and engage around policy issues affecting them. Our next project is a redistricting game using data from the state demographer’s office. We are also in the initial planning phase of developing a “tool” where users can input their state tax info- tax bracket and total money paid in- and see where every dollar they have paid in is spent.
Below are links to our appearance on TPT’s Almanac, and an interview with Civic Caucus to provide more background information.


When we do in-person events, we will plan them for:

Times that fit various work schedules

Located within your community


Provide free childcare services


Accessible by public transit


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