Geeks for Good Meetup

On Tuesday, November 21st PeopleSourced Policy was lucky enough to be the keynote presentation at the Geeks for Good Meetup at WeWorks in downtown Minneapolis. Josh Pauly explained the overall mission of PSP, while Omar White dived into the technical aspects of our most current community engagement platform. We had a great time sharing and […]

Partnership with Prime Digital Academy

We are excited to announce we are working with Prime Digital Academy once again! They are helping us develop a new municipal budgeting game. We are working to develop an app that is both versatile enough to accommodate any city and any budget, but also realistic enough to be a functional learning tool. We are currently in the initial phase […]

UMD/Duluth Visit

PSP headed up I35 to visit Duluth! Josh Pauly was invited to be a guest speaker at a class taught by Don Ness at UMD about local politics and leadership. His talk focused on civic engagement. We were also able to present our community engagement platform and policy games to city planners and policy folks […]

CodeSwitch 2017

PeopleSourced Policy had a great time at CodeSwitch, a two-day civic hackathon held in St. Paul on National Day of Civic hacking. CodeSwitch focused on using tech to disrupt inequity. Josh Pauly represented PSP at the event. After a great panel discussion, attendees were allowed to pitch ideas and form teams to work on them. […]